Finance Facilities for High Net Worth Private Clients

With years of combined experience our private client team source property and asset finance, provide specialist debt advice for high-net-worth individuals and private clients across the globe.

Finance Facilities for High Net Worth Private Clients.

Large Interest-Only Mortgages

As a provider of high-value interest-only mortgages, we understand the complex need to offer exclusive access to some of the most competitive rates in the market.

High Loan To Value Lending

Private banks and alternative lenders adopt an aggregate view of your financial profile, considering your assets and wealth to assess affordability.

Dry Lending

Dry Lenders take into account your overall financial profile, including your assets and wealth, to determine whether you can afford to borrow money.

Assets under management

Private banks request custody of their private clients’ assets under management (AUM). By doing so, the bank can use the securities’ market value as collateral for a high-value loan.

High Value Portfolio Finance

Portfolio lending for clients who have a high net worth and own multi-million-pound properties. Access the equity in your portfolio to increase wealth through capital and income.

Lombard Loans

High-net-worth individuals can use Lombard loans to obtain secured finance against a range of holdings such as diversified portfolios or single securities.

Securities-backed Lending

Securities-backed lending is a solution when considering fixed loans. Using liquid assets such as equities, bonds & investments as collateral, means a loan without decreasing capital or projected returns.

Luxury Asset Finance

Obtain funds for high-end purchases such as supercars, superyachts, private aircraft, fine art collections, or luxury goods. To arrange a personalised facility for your needs and unlock liquidity for you.