Equity Release for Vehicles

Vehicle Equity Release

A boutique bespoke service that will provide access to upto 85% of your vehicles value for short bridging requirements

This isn’t a logbook loan, or finance of any kind. It’s a bespoke, confidential agreement between you and us that can be completed in as little as 24 hours in most cases. We will transact on cars, commercials and plant and machinery.

  • Put simply – We buy your vehicle with an irrevocable agreement to sell it back to you at an agreed later date.
  • We provide a simple, non invasive and more economical solution than loaning money against your asset.
  • We don’t have hidden fees or huge APR’s and we don’t require monthly payments.
  • We are not a finance company disguised as a pawnbrokers.
  • We don’t do log book loans and we don’t lend money.
  • We are not required to check you can afford payments and understand a credit agreement.
  • A solution that simply doesn’t exist in the marketplace today. So we created it!

How does it work?

The Asset

This is normally made up of one or more cars, commercials or plant and machinery; sometimes a combination of all. The only thing that’s crucial is that you or a business you control fully owns the assets and it’s not financed by any 3rd party. The majority of transactions we make involve cars, so when we refer to “vehicles” we generally mean the asset.

The Equity

You have a requirement to realise the capital from your vehicle(s). Most of our clients require the cash from anything from a week to 16 weeks. Although we can agree longer periods of time, the market can be volatile and for longer periods, it might mean we would have to release a lower percentage of the assets value. We aim to release a minimum of £10,000 with no upper limit although amounts above £1M might take another 48 hours to complete.

The Agreement

Once you make contact, we discuss your requirement, how long you require the equity for, the logistics of collecting and storing your vehicle and prepare you a written offer to buy your vehicle with a guaranteed option for you to buy back the vehicle at a fixed price after the agreement term ends. We then deliver your asset back to you.

The Guarantee

The directors of JMRG will ALL provide personal guarantees that we will abide by our terms and conditions and the direct terms of our agreement with you. How many times have you ever heard of a business that can say that?


We have both run our own businesses for decades – we know things don’t always go to plan. If you are not in a position to complete the acquisition of your vehicle by the agreed date, so long as sufficient headroom still exists between the value and the equity we released, we can extend the term to suit you.


We won’t credit check you or your business, we will not discuss our transaction with any 3rd party without your knowledge and approval. The only checks we will conduct will relate to the provenance of the vehicle.