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For some business owners, the thought of a commercial property loan is daunting. These are loans specifically for enterprise expansion or refinancing.

So it’s better to go through common commercial and corporate mortgage loan terms before you apply to secure commercial investment property loans and financing.

They are as follows:

1. Commercial loans are different from residential ones; they’re secured with the collateral of the building or land. This means that the lender has a higher expectation for repayment than you do if you have only personal assets to fall back on.

2Commercial real estate loans typically require much larger down payments than typical home-buyer loans, and they usually require greater documentation of financial hardship or inability to obtain credit elsewhere. You’ll often see longer terms and higher interest rates than you would with a residential loan.

3. Borrowers should also check with their lenders on what type of property they can buy or rent out while paying off the loan. Some lenders may only allow borrowers to buy new construction properties, while others allow them to use existing buildings that are vacant or in foreclosure.


If you’re considering taking out a commercial property loan for the first time, we recommend  talking to our commercial property loan specialists . They’ll discuss your goals and objectives and then work with you to secure a commercial loan based on your needs.